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5 Reasons To Holiday In England This Summer

by Eat Sleep Travel

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England is all jam-packed with astounding diversity. Day and night the cities are loaded with exhilarating excitement, loads of restaurants and shops offering scrumptious delights and aged old, solidly built museums introducing the majestic beauty of ancient age.

Still bewildered whether you should holiday in England or not this summer?

Let’s wipe off your perplexity and check out these reasons, why you should enjoy your next vacation in Britain…

Bountiful beach-based activities in England

England’s not usually the first destination that comes to mind when you think of beach holidays, but the country does have its hidden gems.

As an island nation, there are numerous beaches around the English coastline where you can enjoy activities such as walking along coastal paths, fishing, watersports and if the weather permits, sunbathing.

Some of the coolest beaches one must visit include- Barafundle Bay Beach, Bamburgh Beach, Camber Sands beach, Littlehampton Beach, Lundy Island beach and more…

Plenty of places to accommodate your every need

When you are in London or anywhere in Britain, it’s never difficult to find somewhere to stay. You can find a lot of serviced apartments in London, flats and other sorts of arrangements depending on your needs.

Outside the capital, beachfront hotels, campsites, and cottages are plentiful.

When you’ve finalized the locations you want to visit on your trip, there will be a plethora of dwelling options available to you.

An extravagant heritage and culture

One of the best things about a British summer vacation, apart from the beaches, is that there are plenty of things to do when the weather is not cooperating.

From industrial estate villages to industrial heritage, baffling sites to living museums ancient hill forts to cathedrals and castles. The history of the country is rich and begging to be explored.

Some of the best places you must visit during your vacation include- Big Pit National Coal Museum in South Wales, Westminster Abbey in London, Agatha Christie’s holiday house in South Devon, Dinosaur Isle on the Isle of Wight, Beamish Museum in County Durham and the Skara Brae Neolithic village in Orkney. This is not an extensive list; there are plenty more locations to visit.

Delicious food

London has a rich and diverse food scene with something for every palate. Wandering any of the capital’s streets will leave you anguishing over which restaurant to visit.

Outside the capital, there’s plenty more to explore. Fresh fish and other produce is abundant. Most towns will have at least one highly recommended restaurant or eatery.


When you are tired of surfing the beaches and watching around the steady beauty, it’s time to go out for a cruise.

Sailing round the UK is an unforgettable experience, and it will introduce you to parts of the country you might not have thought about touring from land.

One particular cruise is the six-night circuit on Marco Polo which is a round-trip from Edinburgh (Leith). Also, visit Lerwick (Shetland Islands, Kirkwall  (The Orkney Islands, and Stornoway (Outer Hebrides).

Photo by ronsaunders47

Photo by ronsaunders47

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