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Guest Posts

We offer two options regarding guest posts:

1.   Guest post written by you

2.   Guest post written by us.

Articles written by us will be more expensive but we can guarantee high-quality posts that will be created by one of our editors exactly to your specification. We have categories for almost everything related to hospitality so we welcome guest posts from all clients providing that there is no contradiction to our terms & conditions.


Every guest post will receive the following:

1.   Same day publication from when request is made

2.   Articles can contain up to 5 back links and any pictures/videos desired

3.   Featured on the homepage and in correct categories

4.   Promotion over all our social media channels.


Payment should be made within one week.

Banner Advertising

We offer various forms of banner advertising and clients can purchase anything from a single banner space to exclusivity over all our banner spaces. All banner advertising contracts will be paid up front with either a 1 month, 3 month or 6 month contract at a pre-negotiated fixed price.

Advertising Package Deals

Our ultimate advertising deal is the package deal which contains everything above as well as frequent use of our social media platforms, newsletters and email lists and unlimited guest posts. These can be purchased in 3 month, 6 month & 1 year contracts and contain a very personal level of service. We will also strive to be innovative in our attempt to bring you the best results possible for your campaign and will be more than willing to discuss and implement any other advertising strategies that you wish to try.

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