American Student Moving to the UK? Here’s What You Need to Know

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Over the past 10-20 years, the UK has become one of the most popular destinations in the word for students to go to university. The famous Oxbridge and Russel Group universities offer an unrivalled level of education – with Oxbridge even home to the famous Professor Stephen Hawking.

All of this is what helped to encourage many American students to take the trip across the pond to come to the UK and go to university.

Even though the majority of American universities offer very high levels of education, UK universities are more appealing because of the different approach they take in teaching students.

The approach differs in that it gives the students more freedom to get the work done in their own time, and they know that if they want the best results, all they have to do is put the work in. This type of teaching is very appealing to a lot of students as it is different to the type of teaching they would have received at a school where everything is carefully supervised.

With all of this in mind, if you happen to be an American student moving to the UK, here is everything you need to know.

Tips for the American student moving to the UK

Obtaining your visa

When coming to the UK as a student, you will be permanently residing in the country – meaning that you will have to obtain a UK visa. The process of applying for a visa in the UK is done through a 5 tier system, which classifies people into a specific ‘tier’ dependant on their reason for living in the country.

As a student, the main requirement is that you are on a course which requires upwards of 20 hours study time per week (which is what full-time courses have). This will then mean you will be granted a tier 4 visa, which guarantees you can reside in the UK for the duration of your university course.

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You’ll meet lots of different people

As well as getting the opportunity to integrate yourself into the British culture, one of the reasons why the UK is so appealing is because you will be able to meet lots of people from different cultures too. In particular, the UK is a hotspot for people from other European countries – meaning you will be guaranteed to meet lots of Spanish, Italian and French people too. This gives you the chance to integrate with people from different backgrounds that you otherwise wouldn’t have met.

The accommodation

The accommodation in your first year at university is much alike the dormitories that are available in the USA. The process for getting a room in one is quite simple, and is usually part of the application when you are applying for the university course.

A good tip is to put in a request to stay with people who you believe will be like-minded to yourself. For instance, if you enjoy partying then you should mention this – but if you prefer quite nights in then you should them let know that too!

The reason this is so important is because after your first year, the common occurrence is that in your final 2 years you will usually look to rent a student house where you typically live with the people you met in your first year at university. So it’s definitely helpful if you enjoy doing the same type of things!

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