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Istanbul a city of colorful architecture, green-blue sea water, open food court, natural treasures and many more. The city is a mixture of past and present and embraces Asia in one hand and Europe in another hand.

Its historical beauties, natural scenic view and artificial wonders make this city a unique destination to enjoy your holiday. Since many years, the country has been alluring the travelers and now it has become a home of the world travelers. It has 3000 years of history, which is combined with many cultures and civilizations. You can explore its legacy and thousand years of monuments any corner or place of the city. Whether you take a round tour of the city or just want to visit the main parts of the Istanbul, you will come across the various historical and natural wonders anytime.


If you are visiting the city for first time, I would suggest to start your tour from the Grand Bazaar that will definitely fascinate you with its pleasant and vibrant environment while giving you a sense of peace and security. A tour towards Besiktas, Kabatas, Bosporus and Ortakoy will allow you to enjoy your holiday seeing the deep blue shoreline.

With the Black sea in the North, the Marmara sea in the South You will feel great time in Istanbul and witness a great climate condition. You may meet a hot and humid in summer season and cold and snowy weather in the winter. Watching the seagulls at Eminonu at the time of the rising sun, seems like they are greeting you “Good Morning”. You will not resist yourself from taking the clip of fresh city’s environment when the sun illuminates the city, docked boat rocking gently, fish swimming in the sea and people are coming out of their home to indulge in their regular activity.

Every morning, you can see a picturesque environment rolling into the mosque rise to offer prayers to the God,birds are flying in the sky with pleasing chirping sounds, mountains standing with their open arms and so on. For a minute, you will feel like a sultan. During your travel you will come across with a number of tourists from different cultures and tradition, the moments give you an opportunity to know about them merging in harmony.

There are lots of things to see, do and share in Istanbul, you just have to plan your holiday. Whether you are coming through a flight or a cruise, the city is linked with every possible way right from Europe and Asia. Choose your option to go and book direct flight tickets to Istanbul. The city has no dearth of accommodation and you can easily find a place to stay mixed with basic to luxurious facilities. So, what are you thinking, be ready to explore the city which is blessed with lots of natural riches and other artificial wonders.

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