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by maddyorr

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When I first moved to Eastbourne, UK, one of my main concerns in the first days upon arrival was finding the best places to get food, and good coffee. Knowing my study habits, and the massive amount of schoolwork I had ahead of me as a new grad student, I knew coffee would be a key element to my academic success (and let’s be honest, my overall happiness.) Not to mention the fact that I, like plenty of other students, perform best when heavily dosed with caffeine. After about 1 week and 7 café visits along the high street, I was tipped off by a new friend about an excellent, newly opened café called Nelson Coffee Co.

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When you first walk up to the shop, Nelson appears to be an unimposing café featuring a simple wood-and-windows exterior, a modest patio, and a fancy-looking espresso machine that absorbs your attention when your foot crosses the threshold. But once you’re inside, the smell of fresh coffee and delicious pastries envelopes the senses and you get absorbed into this adorable café’s quaint atmosphere. Nelson’s got everything going for it: a local business, with freshly sourced ingredients, a great location, a friendly staff, a killer set of playlists, and a coffee recipe that’s aced in every cup.

The shop was inspired by the owners’ honeymoon trip to British Columbia, in Canada. As the story goes, the couple decided to spend a few days in the Kootenays (a region of inner British Columbia). They spent those days in a town called Nelson, a renowned for its sweeping mountains, beautiful lake, friendly locals and a killer café called Oso Negro Café. The pair fell in love with good coffee, were inspired by the town, and came back to the UK to open their own coffee shop and bring the gift of good coffee to the residents of Eastbourne. Sounds like a fairytale, right? It’s great how travel can inspire people and make for the best stories.

If you happen to be in the East-Sussex area, or if you are planning to travel in this area soon, stop by Nelson Coffee Co. You won’t regret it.

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Maddy is a grad student living in the UK, working towards an MSc in International Event Management. Originally from Canada, but a citizen of the world. She likes traveling, blogging, chocolate and beer.

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