Zeeland: Your Holiday Location On The Other Side Of The Channel?

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Are you planning to camp in Europe this year?

Have you considered Holland as a destination?

In this flat country, camping is popular in the summer. Many Dutch families leave their country to go camping in countries like Germany and France or find the sun in Italy or Spain. But the Netherlands itself is also popular.

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In particular, the north-western region of Zeeland where is most holidaymakers head as it is here where the most idyllic beaches in the country can be found.

Zeeland: The perfect place for a beach getaway?

The province of Zeeland is not just popular with the locals. Germans and Belgians also head to the region to take advantage of its scenic sandy beaches. The region of Zeeland borders Belgium and tourists flock from the closest German region, North Rhine-Westphalia, which is the most populous state of Germany and is only around three hours away by car. 


With more than 100km coastline the former islands of Zeeland are surrounded by natural dunes and artificial embankments. 

For locals, the scenery is uneventful, but for visitors, the waterworks are fascinating. In early times the country was below sea level and under water when it was flooded. Now tourists can bike through a landscape of polders ( a piece of land in a low-lying area that has been reclaimed from a body of water by building dikes and drainage canals).

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Zeeland’s beaches are dotted with natural dunes and seawalls, which can be an adventure playground.

The coast of Zeeland is not fully constructed like Spanish Costas with closed holiday apartments in the winter. The only city with its own beach is Flushing, but is still a local town.

In Zeeland, the small towns and villages are spread across the province. This also means that you will not find all tourists concentrated in one place — great news because on the beaches it never is too crowded.

Camping: The best way to see Zeeland?

Camping used to be synonymous with simple. But when you look at the campsites dotted around Zeeland, you know that times have changed. 

On the coast, near the sea campsites provided large comfortable tents and visitors arrive to caravans that have all the mod-cons available back home

Although the beach is never far away, campsites offer open or indoor pools. The largest camp sites are resorts with playgrounds and restaurants.

In fact, thanks to the rising interest of tourists, the region of Zeeland changed significantly over the years. Most tourist accommodations in Zeeland now have quite a few attractions. Especially on the coast, just behind the dunes. Numerous campsites now offer modern houses with all the amenities including the saunas and jacuzzis.

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If you’re interested in seeing what sort of accommodation Zeeland has to offer, why not take a look at these 150 campings and holiday resorts. They range from a small campsite near a farm to large parks with restaurants, playgrounds and a swimming pool.


Unfortunately, the number of campsites allowed in the region is limited by law, so if you don’t book early, you may find yourself unable to book a pitch. 

Still, a flourishing hotel and apartment market also exists in the region. 

A hotel in Holland? Go for the Zeeland Region

Amsterdam may be the most popular place to stay in the Netherlands, but Zeeland offers a much more relaxed atmosphere.

More than just beaches

If you choose to either book a hotel or camp, there’s no shortage of places to see and things to do within the region. Zeeland isn’t just a beach destination.

Zeeland offers water sports and its historic towns and villages. If you stay in Zeeland, you can take walks through places like Zierikzee, Middelburg or Veere.  Or you can discover history in historic Bruges or Ghent in Belgium. From your hotel in Zeeland, you can easily take a day tour to Amsterdam too. With a rental car, you will be there in two hours. By train, it takes 2.5 hours.

In the Netherlands the rivers, the Scheldt and the Rhine flow into the North Sea. These rivers have provided life to the region for centuries, turning Zeeland into an agricultural and trading region. This delta region also has a long coastline, which is why the beaches are some of the best in Europe.

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Inland, historic cities dot the landscape. These are old trading cities where wooden sea vessels departed for their voyages in all directions. The seagoing vessels were built in Middelburg. The small town of Veere, now a tourist attraction, imported wool from England.

This historical background means that the area is not only frequented by beach lovers. The tourists, many from Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands, also come for small towns as Zierikzee and Hulst. Some also travel to the south of Holland, where they also spend a day in historic Gent and Brugge in Belgium.



Hotels in Zeeland are for tourists. They are spread across the county on former islands or peninsulas because Zeeland is a delta region formed by the river Scheldt and the Rhine. The water is never far away. Most hotels are close to the beach in one of the villages. There are no enormous cities on the waterfront here. 

Accommodation ideas:

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