Top 20 Worst Named Holiday Destinations

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Ever thought about visiting Weener, Windpassing, Rottenegg or Reigny for a summer break? Probably not. Which is why holiday company Monarch has identified 20 of the most unfairly-christened European destinations blighted by ironic names, to tell their real story.

Top 20 Worst Named Holiday Destinations

Austria’s Rottenegg is famed for the quality of its fresh air and 360 degree views of its mountainous terrain, whilst Depressa in Italy is far from depressing. Famed for its local olive oil, artichokes and tomatoes, this food region also has beautiful medieval towns and secret coves with turquoise waters.

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Despite its showery name, Reigny in central France typically sees five hours of sunshine every day and has lower than average monthly rainfall figures.

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The list was compiled after Monarch found that whilst 95% of Brits are open to exploring new places, one in six (16%) holidaymakers would be put off visiting a town or city simply if it had an unsavoury name.

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So as part of its Year of Nice campaign, Monarch is showcasing the untold beauty of these destinations – all within driving distance of Monarch flight routes – with the help of Channel 4’s A Place in the Sun’s Laura Hamilton.

Boring in Denmark is far from dull. It is just minutes from the Danish city of Horsens, best known for its culture and entertainment events. Horsens New Theatre is a cultural centre which has seen major names such as Bob Dylan, Madonna and The Rolling Stones perform in recent years.

And Nasty in the UK is a ‘chocolate box’ village in leafy Hertfordshire, with rolling hills, bountiful wildlife and thatched cottages.

Rottenegg (Austria)
Boring (Denmark)
Nasty (Hertfordshire)
El Morron (Spain)
Reigny (France)
Piles (Spain)
Windpassing (Austria)
Fail (Viseu, Portugal)
Monster (Netherlands)
Drama (Greece)
Lucifer (France)
Weener (Germany)
Ugley (Bishop Stortford)
Bastardo (Italy)
Angers, (France)
Bidet (France)
Depressa (Italy)
Bitche (France)
Bra (Italy)
Looe (Cornwall)

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