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13 Travel Experiences You Need To Do [Part One]

by Emma Brown

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Our world is a beautiful place, fully of breathtaking places and experiences.

Most people are never lucky enough to be able to travel to more than a few places in their lifetime, even though they may want to.

So the trick is to make the most of the few travelling experiences you may have, and plan trips to the world’s most unusual places.

Even if you get to explore few of the below-mentioned things, you can consider yourself well-traveled…

Some of the best travel experiences in the world

Enjoy Safari

If you want to experience a safari, then Tanzania National Park cannot be missed. Here, amongst other animals, you can see baby elephants having a good time with their mother — a feast for the eyes.

Such experiences you don’t get to forget easily.

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This is a famous festival for all those who are fond of drinking beer and it takes place in Munich, Germany.

On this day, i.e. September 19th, the whole city is drenched in beer as an estimated six million visitors from across the world visit this event.

The things that make this even unique is that there is a special way in which you drink a beer and to give cheers.

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Spain’s La Tomatina

La Tomatina is one of the famous festivals that takes place in Bunol, Spain. It is an interesting food fight festival that is attended by thousands of tourists from different parts of the world.

The main ingredient of this festival remains the tomato and throwing these tomatoes at each other is possibly the best part. Yes, there are some rules to enjoy this festival such as you can’t carry bottles, hard objects and you have to squash the tomatoes before throwing but these simple rules don’t restrict the fun at all.

Moai at Easter Island

Eastern Island is famous for its Moai statues, and this wonder certainly deserves a visit.

All these figures are made using volcanic rock and there are around 900 statutes scattered throughout the island made using ‘Toki,’ which are chisels which can be easily held in hand.

Any visitors will certainly appreciate the mystery of these statues, which still exists for all those who visit this island.

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Sweden’s Northern Lights

This wonder of mother nature can be termed as marvellous, enchanting, mesmerizing and it is surely worthy watching.

In order to witness a unique amalgamation of purple, green, blue, indigo and yellow colors which is termed as Northern Lights, you have to be present at Aurora Sky Station that is in Abisko National park.

You are taken to the observation tower, don’t worry as there will be a chairlift that will safely take your there. The only thing that you need to take care of is to dress properly as it is quite cold.

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Champagne Pool of New Zealand

You will have to visit Waiotapu Geothermal Area in North Island of New Zealand, this is where Champagne Pool is situated. This spring goes back to 900 years back. The deposition of the silicate and minerals results in vibrant colors which looks beautiful in the glistening sun.

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