Millennial Travel Trends [Infographic]

by Eat Sleep Travel

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Millennials were born into an era where much has changed. Today, we use the Internet and technology widely in order to get through our day.

The Internet isn’t something that’s kept for work as we use to socialise, to interact, to travel, to buy things and so much more. In turn this has manifested a monumental change in the travel industry; people, ordinary travellers now feel comfortable in commenting and documenting their every move when they go abroad. This is done in their social media profiles, their personal blogs but basically it’s content that is out there and readily visible to all.

As a result, the hospitality industry has had to adapt as travel enthusiasts such as the millennial generation demand higher standards and aren’t afraid to voice their opinion if unsatisfied. This info graphic from Killarney Hotels highlights some key issues, check it out.

Guest post from the Killarney Hotels’ Group in Co. Kerry, Ireland.

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