Pier A Harbor House: One Of The Best Places To Drink In New York

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New York  (Manhattan to be specific) can be a confusing place for tourists to find a place to drink. There are endless Irish pubs (sports bars), wine bars (sports bars) and regular bars without a theme (sports bars). The problem is, all these establishments feel the same. As the going rate for a pint of beer (American pints are smaller than British pints) or glass of wine is around $10, a lot of the time you feel shortchanged.

Some places have tried to stand out from the crowd by adopting a theme. For example, there is a German themed beer house, which offers German-themed food and beer with an American twist. 

Like every bar in New York, the place is lined with flat screens showing sports, the food is German-inspired, but Americanized (lots of deep fried things with and little flavour) and the waitresses are made to wear lederhosen costumes that look like they cost less than the cheapest item on the menu.

I’ve also stumbled across an English themed bar, which looked similar to all of the city’s Irish bars although it was darker inside and the menu was limited to roast beef, curry and fish and chips. Like everywhere else, flat screens adorned the walls.

After attempting to enjoy these lackluster offerings, thankfully, after essentially walking from one end of Manhattan to the other, I found a place to drink in this capital city that’s worth the money.

The best bar in New York?

Locals may have other ideas, but for tourists, the Pier A Harbor House ticks all the boxes. Located at 22 Battery Pl the bar/restaurant looks out over the harbour and Statue of Liberty. The bar stretches the length of the pier and there is a large alfresco dining area outside looking out over the Statue of Liberty. Inside, the place is light and airy, and only a few screens are showing the day’s sports. It’s easy to ignore these distractions with such a beautiful backdrop behind. 

The Harbor House is where you want to end up after a day of taking in New York’s sights. It’s located a short walk away from the famous Wall Street bull, and the World Trade Centre is a few blocks away.

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Food and drink isn’t cheap at the Harbor House but considering the location and other prices around the city, it’s not expensive either. On a clear day or at sunset the view will quickly make you forget about the cost.
A word of warning, it’s very easy to get stuck here and spend your day watching the harbour while enjoying a cold beer and occasionally ordering a small plate from the bar menu.
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