The Bizarre & Amusing Translations Of Place Names Around The World [Infographic]

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Not a week goes by when one of the national newspapers doesn’t run an article on the funniest place names in the UK, with firm favourites being the likes of Boggy Bottom and Cockermouth, however what happens when you start to translate those from around the world, those in different languages? Do such place names translate as boring, nonsensical words? Or do they translate into something bizarre and amusing?

London-based serviced apartment providers, Clarendon London, recently went to the trouble of translating place name after place name, searching for some real gems, and very kindly put their findings into an awesome infographic which can be seen below:

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The bottom line is that, yes, there are some real strange place names when you start to translate them; leaving you wondering what the origins themself were! Without running over the whole infographic, our favourites from the research included:

  • Finland – Dick Island
  • Germany – Horny Churches
  • Hungary – Panties
  • Poland – White Faeces
  • Sweden – Snot Bog
  • Ireland – The Penis Of The Demons

Either someone has been having a laugh when coming up with place names or there’s a slightly different meaning across cultures!

Of course, understanding the meaning behind place names is fascinating and there’s not only translations which come across as a little strange.

A little time spent digging around into the origins of various British place names and you’ll quickly come across some real gems. We’ll leave you with just two of these:

Nob End, Lancashire:

Nob End in Lancashire, is a 21-acre site that includes the southern part of the village of Little Lever. It was formed by the dumping of toxic alkali waste during the 19th century, which resulted in an unusual landscape of chalk-loving vegetation.

Ugley, Essex
Sitting perfectly between Saffron Walden and Bishop’s Stortford, in a spot of prime commuterland, the origins of the name probably come from “Woodland clearing of a man named Ugga”.

For more place name origins to amuse yourself with; take a look here.

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