9 Reasons You Should Do A Self Drive Vacation

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Many decades ago, there were limited means of transport. People depended on traditional modes of transport to travel from one point to another. With technological advancements and innovations, today there are several means of transport, some popular than others. They include electric trains, planes, motorbikes, and cars among others. Cars have grown to be a popular means of transport owing to their many benefits, which I will discuss later.

Below are reasons why you should travel by car.

9 Reasons You Should Do A Self Drive Vacation


Cars are always available when you need them. They will enable you to move quickly from point A to point B. Some remote areas lack reliable means of transport. You can wait for hours before you get a public means of transportation. Imagine going for a doctor’s appointment and waiting for a bus to fill up. A car will save you the trouble and time you spend on waiting for a bus or train.


When you use a car for traveling, you have the freedom to go whenever and wherever you want. You can go for a holiday at your convenience without booking bus or air tickets. The same cannot be said about the other means of transport, which involve booking, checking in and queues. Avoid the complications. Take your car, turn on your GPS system and off you go!

Self Drive Vacation

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Traveling by car is more comfortable than using other means of transport. In your car, you have ample space to relax, as there is more legroom. Besides, there is no annoying travel partner. Some people are smelly or talk too much, which is avoidable by using a car.

Great Company

Imagine all your favorite people in one car. It is possible to travel and catch up with your friends who are crazy as you are. You can play your own music, sing along at the top of your voice, and even dance in the car without worrying about strangers.

Growing up comes with many responsibilities and less time for fun. Use this chance to hang out with your friends and have the time of your lives. Just imagine the pranks, fun breaks, and laughter. It is not always the destination that matters, but how and with whom you travel.

Cost Effective (Usually)

Depending on the distance, it is cheaper to drive than to say, fly. Of course, flying has a less traveling duration, but you will miss all the fun that comes with a road trip. Note that sometimes the convenience is not worth the price.

When you use other means of transport, you are charged for luggage. Sometimes kids’ tickets cost the same as adult tickets. A car gives you more space for luggage, food and of course extra passengers. Carpooling is also cheaper.

Availability Of Parking Space

Availability of parking spaces means that you can contentedly stop and park your car right outside a convenience store, shopping mall or nightclub. If you are a big fan of road trips, you will enjoy this feature.

Self Drive Vacation

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Avoiding Weather Constraints

Weather delays are a constant bummer to many holidaymakers around the world. Traveling by car enables you to route around harsh weather conditions. You also have more control over accommodation and dining options.

People traveling by planes have limited options when it comes to overnight accommodations and airport eating joints that have proximity to the terminal.


Contrary to popular belief, cars are safer when you consider all security measures. You can service the vehicle before a trip; install up-to-date GPS navigation and baby car seats. There will be no cases of damaged or lost luggage. You also get to choose who you travel with. There is no fear of the unknown.


There are no schedules or timetables, which gives you 100% flexibility. You have the freedom to stop anywhere whenever you feel like it. You choose where you want to sit. When traveling using a car, you can be more spontaneous. In the course of your trip, you can see something interesting, and you will need no one’s permission to pull over and check it out. Fellow travelers or locals can suggest to you other awesome places that were not on your itinerary.


It is worth noting that in spite of the many advantages that have made people travel by car, other people argue that use of cars pollutes the environment while others think that it is dangerous. Whatever side you are on, it is a no brainer that traveling car has many benefits and fewer disadvantages.

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