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Located at the heart of the Ozarks Mountains, Branson city is the epicenter of entertainment in Missouri. Housing some of the best amusement parks in all of United States, more than 50 theaters and live performances, over 200 restaurants, great outdoor attractions and activities, lively night life, and fun festivals, this family-oriented city is easily one of the best places to experience pure happiness. But while it is ideal for family vacation, some of its more subtle attractions can also make a great romantic getaway. There are lots of romantic lodges all over the city, such as the rustic cabin for two, and many romantic shows available around town.

Branson has all the attractions you need to make your vacation extra special. Here are some tips to experience pure happiness in the Live Entertainment Capital of the World.

See the Beauty of Branson by Water or By Air

Unlike most vacation cities in United States, you don’t have to travel far from the city to see and enjoy the natural sights. Should you want a romantic getaway, you can choose to tour by water or by air. Branson Landing Cruises for example, departs from downtown and offers lunch or dinner in its cruise around the lake. You can choose either a luxury yacht or reception parties. If you choose a sightseeing cruise, you will get to experience local wildlife and see the bald eagles, night herons, or minks along the river banks, and the beautiful city landmarks from the water.

Should you wish to see the city by air, then you can hop into a hot air balloon at Branson Balloon. They offer air balloon rides that feature the beautiful Ozarks.

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Outdoor Fun

If you and your significant other are both nature lovers, then you will have a great time touring this city’s natural wonders. There are lots of beautiful picnic spots, trekking trails, lakes to swim, scuba dive, catch fish, and caves to explore. Talking Rocks Cavern for example, takes you to a guided underground tour that features various crystal cave formations.

If you want an above-ground adventure, then visit the Dogwood Canyon Nature Park. This nature park stretches to over 2,200 acres and features lots of waterfalls, walking trails, and wooded lens. It’s perfect for a romantic getaway.

Rail Romance

If you love romantic old-fashion style date, then the Branson Scenic Railway is for you. This railway system was built in 1905 and all of its trains are refurbished and fully restored to take you back to the early 20th century train ride experience. The train ride covers 40 miles and tours the Ozark foothills and mountains while the headquarters houses the gift shop and ticket office. During summer season, passengers will be treated with four-course candlelit meal. The rest of the year however, they serve refreshments from the concession car.

Sample the City’s Local Spirits

What other way to end your day in Branson than having a good food and some local spirits. With hundreds of restaurants and bistros scattered all over the city, you will never run out of places to choose from in Branson. If local spirits is what you are after, then you can visit local wineries and distilleries such as the Branson Ridge Winery or the Stone Hill Winery. If you want real local flavor, then visit the Copper Run Distillery, only 9 miles out of the city and features how bourbon is turned from artisan distillery. To make things more romantic, you can bring a bottle to your hotel room

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