Staying Responsible While Having Fun On Vacation

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If you just finished booking your tickets and hotel for an upcoming vacation, don’t start packing your luggage until you read these vacation tips. While you’ve definitely earned this vacation, we simply want to make sure that you enjoy it to its fullest and come home safe and financially stable.

Enjoying Your Alcohol Responsibly

One of the most enjoyable aspects of any vacation is the consumption of copious amounts of alcohol.

Many people enter into their vacation with the mindset that this is their time to cut loose and remove the weight of obligations and responsibilities. This mindset is entirely understandable and well deserved; however, if you plan on engaging in a heavy amount of drinking, you should seriously consider putting precautions in place.

The main precaution that you could take is to either hire a designated driver to take you back to your hotel or put the number of a local taxi company into your phone to call for a ride, rather than rely on driving a rental car or your own vehicle.

If you’re lucky enough to not cause a car accident from drunk driving, you could be pulled over by police and given a DUI or DWI which can carry severe penalties. Not only could your license be suspended, you could be subject to fees and fines, and jail time. Now imagine all of this happening in an unfamiliar city or even in a foreign country.

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Lastly, one of the often overlooked financial burdens of being charged with a DUI or DWI is the mandatory purchase of high-risk auto insurance. While companies try and provide an affordable SR-22 insurance quote you can apply for as a driver with a record of drunk driving, rates will inevitably be higher than those of drivers in traditional risk pools. This is not the kind of thing you want to face after coming back from vacation.

Managing Spending While Not Compromising Fun

Managing your vacation spending while still being able to have fun is a difficult balance to keep but it’s a balance that could be greatly beneficial to you once your vacation is over and you head home.

You don’t want to have the time of your life for a week or two and then come home to a pile of bills with a negative balance in your checking account or a maxed out credit card. One way you can achieve this balance is to plan a vacation budget.

Before you even pack your luggage and head out for your vacation, sit down and work out a budget for your entire vacation from the day you leave until the day you come back. While you’re setting up this budget, set a daily spending allowance for yourself.

This will allow you to have some expendable cash for fun and souvenirs while not going over your budget, as well as avoid the sticker shock so often experienced by travelers. You can also save yourself some money by not going overboard with souvenir gifts for your friends and family. The expense of these little trinkets can add up quickly.

Staying Wise To Scams

It’s no secret that natives of particular cities and regions absolutely adore tourists and not for benevolent reasons. Regardless of the region to which you travel, people are still going to have the same propensity for deceit, fraud, and theft just as they would in your own city or region. That being said, if you’re not careful when you go on vacation, you could find yourself being scammed or hustled by fast-talking con artists.

Even worse, you may find your purse being stolen or your pockets picked. To help protect yourself from thieves and scam artists, read through some tips online to increase your street smarts and give yourself a better chance at avoiding a criminal and disastrous situation.

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