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Top 7 Outdoor Cinemas In The UK

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After a long and hectic day at the office, there is nothing better than enjoying a movie with your friends and family members. But, I am not talking about the same conventional way of watching a movie i.e. confined in a dark theater of a mall.

I am in fact talking about enjoying one of your favourite movies in the open air while enjoying a gentle breeze kissing your hair and listening to the sounds of the city.

Today, there is an abundance of outdoor cinemas across the UK. So, if you fancy watching a movie as the sun goes down, here are the top 7 outdoor cinemas in the UK.

Top 7 outdoor cinemas: The Luna Cinema

If you want to have an unforgettable outdoor movie watching experience, then Luna Cinema is there to provide you such an experience. Running a great variety of popular films including – Mean Girls, Top Gun, Back to the future, and Jaws, there is something for everyone.

The Houses of Parliament certainly makes a perfect and picturesque backdrop to the screen. Food and drinks are available at the venue, but you can carry your own picnic supplies.

You can also purchase Premium tickets via Luna Cinema which will include a seat (in the prime position) a drink at the Luna Bar, and interestingly a gift bag is also supplied, courtesy DoubleTree by Hilton.

As far as the kids are concerned, they can also make the most of the delights of Luna Cinema experience. The ticket price range for the kids between the age group 3-15 years old is 10 pounds and the kids under 14 should be accompanied by an adult.

Somerset House

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This is where all the magic is unveiled. The captivating setting of Somerset House, a Neoclassical building next to The River Thames, makes it an ideal place for summer screening including the best thrillers, musicals, red-carpet premieres, action movies, and foreign language films, all shown on a huge screen with the digital surround sound system.

Before the screening of the film, you will be entertained by some of the best DJs, while you enjoy mouth-watering food offered around the corner.

During special screenings, you can expect on-stage introductions from the stars themselves. For the single screenings, the ticket will cost you £16, and for double bills, it is £20.

Rooftop Film Club

With the sides beautifully illuminated and comfortable deckchairs properly set, this outdoor cinema is a perfect place to catch one of your favourite movies.

While enjoying the movie, you also get to explore the beautiful natural surroundings. Seating here is on the basis of first come, first served. This cinema has a system where the sound is relayed through wireless headphones, at times your ear does start to ache, but other than that the overall experience is just beyond words. The sound through the headphones is crisp and clear, no complaints here.

The stallholders will sell food and drink throughout the film including – barbecues, fresh food, and film-themed cocktails; I found this very convenient. Well, if unfortunately, if the weather starts to play spoilsport, then you will be provided ponchos and blankets free of charge.

Backyard Cinema

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It all began when a group of friends were projecting Jurassic Park movie on the bedsheet in their backyard. Now after so many years, the cinema has expanded out into Camden Lock Market. Making the whole ambience cosy and pleasing, you enjoy your favourite movies on the beanbags, and there are over 100 deckchairs as well. Enjoy the beverages provided by The Craft Cocktail Company and Brooklyn Brewery including – summer cocktails, craft beer, and the best wines.

The upbeat and cheerful staff separates this cinema from its competitors. At Backyard Cinema, you get to enjoy a selection of new releases along with the beloved classics.

The Nomad Cinema

Since 2010, Nomad Cinema has successfully earned the reputation of the best outdoor cinema in the UK. Popping up at varied and intriguing locations is what draws the crowds to this cinema.

They always make sure that they enhance and embrace each venue so that you get to enjoy an altogether new experience.

In addition to screening great films, the cinema goes one step ahead and immerse you in different flavours of the film through Nomad events, goodie bags, and quality catering.

Picnic Cinema

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It is without a doubt North’s number one outdoor cinema. This is the only cinema that packs in fancy dress, film, picnics, dancing, and horror movies in the castles, forests, and courtyards. This is the only cinema where fancy dress is encouraged.

You will have to pay £16.50 for the tickets. So, whether you are coming with your friends, family, or you are on a day, you will certainly have an unforgettable experience.

Skyscape Cinema

What can be more exhilarating than hanging out at the beach during the daytime and immersing with Skyscape Cinema screenings in Carlyon Beach near St. Austell at night.

You will be enjoying your favourite movie while relaxing on a deckchair and you will also be provided a blanket just in case you want to cuddle up. All in all, you will certainly have an outdoor movie experience with a difference.

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