13 Travel Experiences You Need To Do [Part Two]

by Emma Brown

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Continued from part one…

13 Travel Experiences You Need To Do [Part Two]

Japan’s Bamboo Forest

Sagano Bamboo Forest is located in Kyoto and is one of the most visited sites in Japan. Here, you get to witness the nature at its best. In the morning, you get to feel the cool breeze your face, as it also makes the trees sway, giving a picture perfect moment. The bamboo is used for making baskets, mats, boxes and cups.

Venice Carnival

Italy is a country which is known for its picture perfect locations and Venice is one of them. The city is known for its annual carnival.

The carnival starts before Ash Wednesday, and the city gets filled with party goers. St. Mark’s Square is the best place to enjoy the carnival.

Wearing Venetian masks is a tradition that is followed today as well. The masks is formed in a Baroque style with bright gold and silver colours.

Travel Experiences

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Croatia’s Plitvice Lakes

The Plitvice Lakes are Croatia’s famous tourist attraction and is also included in the list of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites.

The main attraction of this site is the series of waterfalls covering an area of 300 sq km. You can explore this place in summers and winters.

Sydney Harbor Bridge

The Sydney Harbor Bridge bridge has a height of 134m, and it is certainly an engineering marvel. It is the world’s tallest arch bridge made using steel. You must have seen its pictures but witnessing it personally is an exciting experience.

It is an important link in the transport infrastructure of Sydney, and more than 20,000 cars cross the bridge on a daily basis. You can also choose to enjoy the aerial view with a helicopter ride.

Travel Experiences

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Shwedagon Pagoda

It is an elegantly built 99m high pagoda which is situated in Myanmar, Burma and it is also known as Golden Pagoda. During the night, the whole pagoda is lite up, offering a mesmerizing view for both the locals and the visitors. Legend has it that the pagoda was built during 16th century by the Mon. The complex can be entered via four entrances. This huge temple complex also comprises of other beautiful structures. Naungdawgyi Pagoda is a place where only male members are allowed.

Yi Peng Festival of Thailand

This festival is also called Festival of Lights, it is celebrated to offer respect to Lord Buddha, and it is mainly celebrated in Northern Thailand.

The festival takes place on the same date as Loi Krathong where the locals float lights on the water. To celebrate Yi Peng festival, the locals use sky lanterns which look beautiful while floating in the air.

Travel Experiences

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