Beginner’s Guide For Creating Great Travel Videos

by helenclark

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Travel videos are a popular subject for videographers and editors. A well-made travel video can not only earn a lot of attention, but it may also open up new opportunities for future work. To create great travel videos, examine these guidelines before you sit down and start your holiday video editing.

Travel videos: Start with a plan

To create a great travel video, you’ll need more than just a collection of footage and software for your holiday video editing. The best travel videos have an underlying structure and theme that organizes the work into a coherent whole. Examine your itinerary for your holiday and think in advance what the scenic highlights of the trip will be, as well as what your primary activities will be. Then create a list of the shots you’ll want to get at each location, and how they’ll plug into your narrative. Your travel video shouldn’t be scripted, but when you sit down to do your holiday video editing, you’ll have a more focused collection of footage to work with. While this planning will pay off, don’t hesitate to change plans on the fly when something unexpected occurs, or you encounter something noteworthy that you didn’t expect.

Decide on the video’s focus

This is definitely related to the topic discussed above. When putting together your shooting plan, it’s important to determine what the video will primarily focus on. For example, if you’re going on a multi-day hiking trip, there are numerous topics you could concentrate on – the scenery, the people you meet, your daily hiking routine, camp life – the list goes on. While all of these are excellent items to focus on, your holiday video editing will be more effective if you concentrate on one or two of these. Think of it as a meal, with a few main menu items, and the rest thrown in for seasoning.

Keep your gear simple

You’re not creating a feature film with your travel video, so don’t pack equipment like you are. Keep your gear list simple, so you don’t spend all your energy hauling around gear. Many on-the-go videographers prefer using a DSLR with a couple of lenses and a monopod to capture all the shots they need for their holiday video editing. Going light will make it easier to catch the spontaneous action that will occur during your travels.

Feature your characters

The scenery will only take you so far. A great travel video will offer characters that the viewer can identify with as you proceed through your travels. Take some time at the beginning of the video to let your audience get to know the cast of characters. Show your characters planning out the trip, or talking one-on-one to the camera about what they’re excited to see and do in their travels. The personal angle will keep your viewers engaged as your travel video unfolds.

Edit with care

When it’s time to sit down and begin your holiday video editing, don’t be satisfied with the first cut. Think of your project as a book that may have several revisions before the final version emerges. Despite your careful planning, you may find that some of the expected high points of your video fall flat, while other smaller moments resonate. So don’t be afraid to take the time to work out multiple edits and alternate versions of your travel video.

Finally, take the extra time to sweat the details when you’ve settled on your final version. Color correction, sound equalizing, and transitions can make the difference between polished and not quite there. So, take the time to get it right – the extra work will pay off.

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