5 Fantastic Things To Do In Shoreditch

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If you are living in, holidaying in or visiting Shoreditch, lucky you; it’s one of London’s most vibrant, exciting and diverse areas. Shoreditch is full of things to do, places to eat and drink and markets to explore.

To prove as much, here are just five fantastic things to do in Shoreditch.

Five fantastic things to do in Shoreditch: 1# History

Offering free entry (although some exhibitions staged at the museum throughout the year may charge a small concession to enter), the Geffrye Museum also features on the London Fox Lettings website as part of their Ten Free & Cheap Things To Do in London this Christmas – and not without good reason.

The reason this is such a special and unique museum is that rather than walking into a military, national, science or engineering museum, the artifacts, and exhibits contained in the Geffrye are likely to kindle fond memories and nostalgia in just about everyone. 

The Geffrye is, after all, a museum dedicated to recreating British homes and interiors over the decades.

Hence, the museum is a treasure trove of technology, home interiors, furnishings, toys, products, appliances and so much more from every decade in British history dating back from 1600 to the modern day.  

For that reason, this is a museum that is sure to engage everyone, however young or old as well as providing a great, fun and enjoyable day out for families, couples and those wanting to get a better insight into British culture. 

To learn more, and find out more about what the Geffrye head over to the Geffrye Museum website.

2# Entertainment

Central London is home to over 100 cinemas, most of which you can find and explore in more detail via the UK Cinemas Organisation website

Shoreditch, meanwhile, is home to one of its most comfortable, quirky and characterful cinemas, that of the Electric Cinema.

Whilst it is safe to hazard that ever cinema goer out there has experienced a lack of leg room, a nightmare chair-kicker sat behind them, insufficient arm and elbow space and/or struggled with uncomfortable or plain worn out fold down chairs (and probably paid a pretty penny to do so), Electric Cinema patrons experience none of this.

Seating up to 50 guests per showing and available for private parties, the Electric Cinema provides its goers with full-sized armchairs, side tables (complete with lamps) and even cashmere blankets. Further, it has a strictly ‘no entrance’ policy when it comes to those who turn up more than 15 minutes late for a film to ensure guests are not disturbed.

Hence, those in Shoreditch can, in fact, enjoy a cinema experience more luxurious than that enjoyed even by their favourite Hollywood movie stars who attend the premieres for their films at London’s Leicester Square Cinema. 

To learn more about the Electric Cinema, how to find it and what is showing, as well as book tickets, wander over to the Electric Cinema website.

3# Culture

London is chock full of some of the world’s best and most famous art galleries in the whole world, including the National Portrait Gallery and the often controversial Tate Modern.

Even more controversial even though than many of the Tate’s annual Turner Prize winning exhibits and exhibitions is the street art which can be seen at every turn in London. And nowhere can more of it be seen than in East London and Shoreditch. 

In fact, the whole borough is a living and ever-changing gallery of street art with many of its most striking displays being not only beautiful but also challenging and politically fuelled.

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Capitalising on the wealth of street art in Shoreditch and important role, historically and to this day, graffiti and street art has and continues to play in the lives of many of London’s otherwise unsung artists, it is now possible to take a structured and guide lead tour of some of the best of it. 

To learn how to book or join a tour of Shoreditch’s street art head over to the Shoreditch Street Art Tours website.

4# Night Life

If Shoreditch is vibrant in the day, it is luminescent by night, and home (arguably albeit) to many of London’s coolest and least ‘touristy’ night clubs in the capital. In contrast to the clubs and bars in and around the West of the capital, Shoreditch’s bars are far less pretentious and far more welcoming approach.

Despite its far more relaxed, open and hip attitude which feeds into the atmosphere in its clubs, bars and many of its pubs, Shoreditch still manages to offer class and style. Take for example one of its trendiest offerings in recent years, the quirkily named Book Club.

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Situated off Shoreditch High Street and in the centre of Leonard Street, Shoreditch’s Book Club (like its name) is a bar with a playful, intelligent and switched on approach to how a modern bar and club occupying a London locale should operate – at least if it wants to carve a name for itself and survive at all. Both of which The Book Club is suavely doing with seeming ease through running a year-round calendar brimful with poetry workshops, jamming sessions, and live music. Hence, its patrons are an eclectic, progressive and genuinely exciting bunch of Londoner’s that reflect on a small scale what makes London on a larger scale quite so alluring, exciting for many of those who choose to live here and visit too.

Then, and to learn more about The Book Club ( including its best tipples, nibbles, and menu items as well as why it is one of Shoreditch’s favourite places to enjoy a tipsy round of…um…ping pong) give The Book Club website a visit.

5# Food

Shoreditch is a particularly multicultural borough, and this is reflected and celebrated in its diverse array of places to eat and the restaurants that stud its high street and shopping the hub at its heart – and you can explore many of those restaurants via any number of online articles, and as well via the Trip Advisor website.

Meanwhile, for a more fun and engaging way to discover Shoreditch and its culture through its food, or to simply get in and amongst its people and taste a little bit of the borough’s delicious mix of cuisines on offer, there is one street food market that you simply must discover.

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A place all Shoreditch locals are familiar with and most of whom regularly frequent to meet with friends and generally get stuck into some fantastic food is at The Last Days of Shoreditch Pop Up Street Food Market (which is a mouth full to even say!). To find the market, simply head down to Shoreditch’s Red Market on any Thursday or Saturday. 

To learn more about The Last Days of Shoreditch Market and how to find it, you can do so via the London Pop Ups website.

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