5 New Restaurants You Have To Try In Manchester

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With Manchester growing by the day, businesses are flocking towards the northern powerhouse.

Manchester is quickly establishing itself as a central hub for many different companies, including the likes of Under Armour, ADIDAS, and MediaCom all of which have added headquarters in the city.

To compliment these new arrivals, Manchester has filled with bars and restaurants, which can be hard to choose from.

To help you filter through and find the best new restaurants we’ve come up with five just for you!

5 new restaurants you have to try in Manchester

V Rev

We start this fine collection of restaurants with V Rev, an animal-friendly restaurant with a fast food approach. It provides the ultimate vegan food and has risen from a small café into a restaurant in the heart of the Northern Quarter.

V-Rev follows suit with the vegan trend taking the world by storm, which runs through to their cocktails, which are again animal-friendly, dairy free and suitable for vegans!


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If you’re looking for something versatile once you’re in Manchester, V Rev is the restaurant to get your taste buds tingling.

The Refinery

As much as over-exuberance has won our hearts over, there is nothing better than classic and traditional food. The Refinery offers a traditional menu, with an exclusive experience.

Based in the same location as bars such as The Alchemist and Artisan, The Refinery has arrived with a classic British menu and an all-star list of cocktails, which has seen mixologists all over the world apply for a job there.

If that isn’t enough to get you excited, The Refinery offers a superb beer garden that can seat up to an additional 80 people. Whether you’re looking for lunch in Manchester or you’re looking for just a Spinningfields bar, The Refinery should top the list.

Shoryu Ramen

Shoryu Ramen is a Japanese restaurant based in the middle of the city centre. Shoryu established themselves as a favourite in London and have quickly expanded into Manchester territory.

The launch of the restaurant was so extravagant that Manchester’s Lord Mayor himself attended, to open the restaurant himself. It was seen as a celebration, and with the food that is presented and cooked within, it is no wonder.


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You are provided with the flavours of Japan and with the balance of fresh foods cooked with exotic flavours, you’ll never want to leave.


Similar to The Refinery, Proove is for those with a love for traditional food. Proove is a pizza place based outside of the city centre in Didsbury.

The 20-minute drive from the city centre is more than worth it, particularly since the restaurant creates pizza’s with a slow-cooked, slow-proved and sourdough base.

Proove create pizzas as they are meant too, and with the invigorating toppings, you’re getting more than just a ‘pizza place.’

Their menu isn’t just limited to pizzas, as they have pasta and desserts to accompany, however, Proove’s pizzas are not to be missed out on.


Suri is similar to Shoryu Ramen in that the menu is filled with exotic combinations.

With a Mediterranean and Middle Eastern styled menu and restaurant, Suri has something that Manchester has been missing. It flows through the restaurant and continues with their Middle Eastern flavoured cocktails, which includes a marriage of Sapphire Royale and Bombay Sapphire.

Their mezze-style platters and distinct flavours can help you find that something different, especially as it is a balance of meat, vegetables and spice filled sauces.

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