5 Reasons To Visit Abu Dhabi In 2017

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Here are five reasons why 2017 is the perfect year to holiday in the beautiful and culturally diverse region of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates.

Abu Dhabi: Flights

Many people cross places such as Abu Dhabi off their potential holiday destinations list as they believe flying out to Abu Dhabi, or just about anywhere in the Emirates, is super costly.

Whilst there certainly are cheaper places to fly out to, even in Asia, that shouldn’t be enough to put you off. After all cheap does not always, if ever, correlate with quality, and this is very true in the cause of Abu Dhabi. 

Yes, it is going to cost you more to get there than some other locations, but the unique holidaying experience and lifetime of memories those jetting home after a week or two spent in Abu Dhabi take back with them will, of course, be priceless.

Further, flying to and fro Abu Dhabi is no longer as expensive as it once was. With ever increasing numbers of people travelling by plane and continuing improvements and advances in technology and dropping oil prices, combined with the rise of online budget international flight providers, holiday makers should not be dissuaded from considering Abu Dhabi when deciding where to vacation in 2017. 

At least, not until they’ve seen the reality of what it could cost as most people are likely to be pleasantly surprised at what is out there in terms of cheap flights to Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi

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Abu Dhabi, like nearby Dubai, is home to some incredibly luxurious and exceptional resorts, as well as many family friendly and more affordable accommodations. Hence, whatever your budget and whether travelling alone, as part of a couple or as a family with children, there is no shortage of resorts to chose from and it is likely there will be something to suit you.

To discover some of the most highly rated and reviewed resorts and hotels in Abu Dhabi, head over to the Telegraph website which features a lo-down of the Best Hotels in Abu Dhabi, from those providing beds on a budget to boutique luxury suites.

Abu Dhabi

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Abu Dhabi enjoys and benefits from distinct seasons. As stated in more detail via the Holiday-Weather website, the warmest month in which to travel to Abu Dhabi is August when temperatures average 36° Celsius, making it a fantastic summer holiday location for those in search of sunshine and reliably warm weather.

For this reason, August is also one of the most popular and so most expensive times to fly over to Abu Dhabi or rent a hotel. 

Fortunately, in and from May to September, the average temperature does not dip below 30°. Hence it is worth considering travelling earlier or later in the summer season for those looking to bag bargain flights or just save a little money.


The cuisine in Abu Dhabi champions dishes which are intended to be shared and are typically rich with the spices and flavours that historically are central to the United Arab Emirates heritage.

Consequently, Abu Dhabi is awash with fantastic and exciting restaurants and their food culture is second to none other the world over. For this reason, foodies will love Abu Dhabi.

To learn more about the unique and intriguing role food and cuisine play in the culture and heritage of Abu Dhabi, the Visit Abu Dhabi website features a particularly insightful and rich explanation.

Meanwhile, to discover some of Abu Dhabi’s best restaurants, head over to The Culture Trip website where you will find the article: A Food Lover’s Guide to the 10 Best Restaurants in Abu Dhabi, UEA.


Food is not the only means by which Abu Dhabi celebrates its rich and diverse heritage and culture; the attractions to be explored and experienced in Abu Dhabi are just as tantalising and ensure a holiday spent in UEA is an experience that will fill you with memories to treasure for a lifetime.

To explore the best of them continue your reading and exploration of Abu Dhabi via the Trip Advisor website which has published its own lo-down of the top must visit attractions in Abu Dhabi. Of them, Yas Island, Emirates Palace and the staggeringly beautiful Sheikh Zayed Mosque are not to be missed.

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