A chilling experience: Icebar London

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London is a thrilling place to be around the Christmas season. Not only does it offer tourists and locals beautiful views but also some brilliant places to go. Apart from the obvious, yet still exciting, Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park and the Oxford Street light turn on there are still places to be visited.

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I recently visited the Icebar London located in Heddon Street; just off of Regents Street.  The bar was quite hard to find admittedly as I walked around with Google maps for a while. Eventually, I did manage to find it and it was worth walking around for. My partner and I were greeted on the door and led inside until our allocated slot time of thirty minutes.

Before entering the Icebar itself there was an additional bar which was very classy and beautifully lit. Drinks were slightly expensive but this was a London bar after all.

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As the bar is entirely made out of ice we were given a purple poncho and gloves which were attached; these were kindly put on for us by the staff before entering. I felt a bit silly looking wearing the given attire but it was definitely needed whilst inside. The ticket for the Icebar includes the thirty minute experience as well as a complementary alcoholic cocktail.

As soon as you walk through the doors the brisk cold air hits you immediately; just as if you were walking off a plane into a hot country, although it was quite refreshing. The inside of the bar was amazing, I’d never seen anything like it.  London’s monuments were carefully crafted into the walls of the bar and lit with LED lights behind. It was the perfect Christmas outing.

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Although there was only one person behind the bar, not enough bar staff for the amount of people within that slot, the queue moved quite swiftly. The cocktails were pre made and then mixed with alcohol on request. The wide range of drinks available made it easy to please everyone no matter what they’re preferences; even better when your cup is entirely made of ice!

There was plenty of room to manoeuvre around the bar and also have your photograph taken by the photographer. The tables and chairs around the room were also made of ice which made a few people’s back sides a little cold. I wouldn’t recommend wearing opening toe shoes or sandals to the bar.

Images by Photographer Peter Kindersley

Getting another drink from the bar was quite a challenge for someone so uncoordinated like myself. Waiting to order another drink from the bar I placed my ice glass on the ice bar for thirty seconds to get my card out of my pursue. Before I knew it, my glass had slid off of the bar and onto the floor, smashing as it landed. Note to one’s self when visiting the bar, do not leave your glass unattended!

At £13 a ticket when booked in advance online, I’d definitely say it’s worth the money. I had a brilliant experience, putting aside my ice glass accident, and the atmosphere is so charged it’s impossible not to have a good time.

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