Everything You Need To Know About Driving Around Europe

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When it comes to going on holiday, some of us prefer to leave the car at home and enjoy a relaxing traffic-free week, however, on the other hand, some much prefer to have the freedom which either their own car (or a hire car) offers, allowing them to take off as and when they please without needing to rely on public transport.

As a Brit, however, driving abroad, even in mainland Europe, can be daunting! Not only will you be driving on the wrong side of the road, but certain countries have certain legal requirements (you must carry a breathalyser in France, as an example) and if you’re using a hire car, you’ll likely be sitting as the other side of the car as well!

Fear not, however, as driving abroad really isn’t as difficult as it may sound and it generally only takes a couple of miles for you to get to grips with it and start to feel comfortable on the road again.

Serviced apartment providers, Citybase Apartments, recently launched an infographic which looks at ‘everything you need to know about driving around Europe’ which does a fantastic job of outlining the law in each country as well as the little extras you probably never knew about!

Why not take a look at it for yourself below?

driving around Europe

Don’t let driving put you off going on a road trip! If you’re travelling as a family, having the car with you offers far more convenience than anything else, allowing you to carry prams, nappies, changing bags a whole load of toys for the journey but, on the other hand, if you’re travelling as a couple, a road trip can be relaxing and romantic, allowing you to see multiple sites in one trip and enjoy each other’s company on the open road!

Europe is a stunning continent with so many diverse things to see and do and taking your car is the perfect way to see it all! Why not start off by getting the ferry to France followed by a trip through Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany before heading back?

Whatever it is you enjoy, you’ll find it in Europe and once you get comfortable driving abroad, you’ll never look back!

Always be sure to double check the likes of your insurance and breakdown cover, ensuring they’ll cover you in the event of an accident or breakdown whilst abroad because, as they say, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

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