How To Find Cheap International Flights

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We all love to grab a bargain, and this is especially true when it comes to booking flights, especially as they can be so expensive.

However, trying to get cheap flights can wind up being a huge chore, spending hours combing through different airlines, with the prices seemingly constantly changing.

With that in mind, we’ve tried to save you a bit of hassle and money with this quick guide to finding cheap international flights.

How to find cheap international flights

Always go incognito

One of the biggest gripes that many have with booking flights is that the prices always seem to change.

This is to do with your browser’s ‘cookies’, which will increase the prices when you repeatedly search for the same route.

It’s a sneaky trick, but to avoid it, make sure that you search for your flights using your browser’s ‘incognito’ mode.

You can do this by pressing Control (Command on Mac) with Shift if using Chrome or Safari or Control, Shift and P on Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Make the most of flight search engines 

There are now lots of different search engines out there to quickly search for the cheapest fares, but they do all charge a bit of a premium as part of taking a cut from the airlines, so you may find yourself having to compare the comparison sites!

We always recommend using Skyscanner as it seems to be the most reliable and yields the best results.

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Be flexible

There are lots of conspiracy theories that certain days are cheaper to fly on, although according to Globehunters the truth is that there isn’t a consistent formula.

They told us: “The best thing is to be flexible and use your chosen search engine to search for flights across a whole week or month, where they’ll show you exactly which days are going to be cheapest.

If you can afford a bit of wiggle room on your days, you can wind up saving yourself a lot of money.

Being flexible can apply to your destination too. If you’re open to travelling somewhere a little bit different, you can wind up saving a nice chunk, and best of all, you’ll get to explore somewhere totally new to you.

Again, most flight comparison sites will have a function to allow you to search by destination.

Book legs separately

If you’re taking a long-haul flight which require you to make a change, see if you can save money by booking the two legs of the journey separately to each other.

Obviously, there is a risk with this approach, as if your stopover is quite a tight one, and you miss the connection, you’re left stranded halfway through your journey, as the second airline has no obligation to put you on another flight or refund you.

Make sure to see if there are some budget local airlines which cover the second half of your journey, as this is a great way to save.

It’s also not a bad idea to book a flight with a one or two-day stopover, allowing you to get two holidays for the price of one!

We hope these tips have given you an idea of some of the ways in which you can start to save money on your flights, but for more information, check out this in-depth list from Business Insider.

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