Incentive Trips: Why is Edinburgh the perfect destination?

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Are you looking for ways to reward your employees for a job well done and encourage your top performers to keep up the good work? Theoretically, there are a lot of things you can do and the first thing that comes to mind is probably a generous bonus. While financial incentives are often well-received, it’s wrong to think that they are the only way (or the most effective way) of rewarding employees.



So, here’s something that a lot of employers are also achieving good results with: incentive travel. Let’s look at some of the benefits of incentive travel and learn why Edinburgh is a great destination if you’re looking to organise an incentive trip.

Incentive trips: Details and Benefits

Typically, an incentive trip is organised when employees have met targets set out by their employers, or as a way to refresh and inspire employees prior to giving them a task to fulfill certain business goals. Though mostly intended for employees, incentive trips are sometimes used as a token of appreciation for business partners, as well.


Experts and employers alike tout incentive trips for their numerous benefits. They are known to increase loyalty among employees and motivate them to work hard to achieve their goals, by giving them a reward to look forward to. Incentive trips are also the preferred format for team building events, since there is hardly anyone who doesn’t like traveling and discovering new places. Travel also provides a somewhat less formal medium for important company discussions.

According to the Harvard Business Review, incentive trips can actually save money, while also providing the same benefits as monetary awards, which cost employers the most. Plus, money is most often perceived the same way as a salary. It is quickly spent and forgotten, but fond memories of a pleasant trip are a more lasting impression.

Why choose Edinburgh for an incentive trip?

If you choose Edinburgh for your incentive trip, you cannot go wrong. Scotland’s capital is easily accessible via all modes of transportation and its own system of public transit is very well-organised, although you may not need it as the city is very walkable. Edinburgh has been voted UK’s favourite city for 13 consecutive years and is considered one of the best conference destinations in terms of value for your money.

Whether you prefer indoor or outdoor activities for your incentive trip, Edinburgh has got you covered – after all, it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site (and UNESCO’s first City of Literature) for a reason. While there is no way to be exhaustive about what makes Edinburgh so attractive to tourist and business travelers alike, here are three spots in the city, which you might include as part of your incentive trip.

#1 Edinburgh Castle
Edinburgh Castle

With over a million visitors per year, the Edinburgh Castle is the most popular attraction in Scotland. A former royal residency, the castle is still hosting a military garrison. It’s a great place to get in touch with history and get a beautiful panoramic glimpse of Edinburgh. And while you are there, you might as well pay a visit to the Scotch Whiskey Experience.

#2 Calton Hill
Calton Hill, sunny day
Speaking of beautiful views, Calton Hill is certainly another place that merits your consideration. A hill situated in the very center of Edinburgh, the Calton Hill is home to the unfinished National Monument. Its construction began one year after the famous Battle of Waterloo and was meant to resemble the Parthenon in Athens, but the project was never fully completed.

#3 The underground city
The Innocent Railway Tunnel, Edinburgh

Did you know that below the old part of the city lies a network of underground vaults and streets? Finished at the end of the 18th century, the underground city was meant to be a storage place, and also hosted taverns for tradesman. Conditions were humid and poor, so 30 years later it was inhabited by the poorest people and was actually referred to as “Edinburgh’s Slum.” The underground city was only just rediscovered in the 1980s and is currently enjoying great interest from Edinburgh’s visitors.


These three locations don’t even begin to describe the appeal of Edinburgh. If you do some more research, you will find that this great city can offer a solution to any of your needs, whether you are organizing an incentive trip or just a team away day.

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