Magdalena Grand Beach Resort: A Resort To Remember

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Magdalena Grand Beach Resort in Tobago, remember that name. One of the most beautiful and atmospheric islands is providing visitors with an immaculate look into the Caribbean lifestyle. With a mix of wonderful cultures to take in, food crafted from the finest hands in Trinidad and the lavish Caribbean weather welcoming you onto the beach, it is definitely a resort to remember. Luxury upon luxury at this 4* hotel in South Eastern Tobago and  it is suitable for families and for couples.

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With a beautiful weighted pool overlooking a brilliant view of the crystal clear ocean, every party that comes to this resort is sure to have an unforgettable time. If you want to experience the Tobaggan culture itself, there is a so much rich history on and around the Resort and land itself. All yours to check out. They provide beautiful comfort in their large, deluxe and small twin bedrooms at very reasonable pricing. Be sure to relax and detox your mind, body and soul with massages from Tobago’s best masseuses.


But that’s not all; if you want to stay active on your lush vacation you can enjoy the Golf Resort just beside the hotel which also emphasises the island’s gorgeous landscape. Deserving tourists are destined to receive a trip of a lifetime and a magnificent experience whilst in the charming hospitality of the staff at the Resort.

Magdalena Grand Beach Resort in Tobago

Ultimately, my family and I thoroughly enjoyed our stay at this resort. Undoubtedly spacious, clean and comfortable! The dining experience was incredibly delightful and appetizing and there was a lot of variety from scrambled eggs and fruit salads to fresh fish and delicious meats – it really was superb. Cost is always an important factor and the Magdalena Grand Beach Resort is extremely affordable. We were included in a family deal as there were so many of us and it made for the perfect holiday for all of us. Some family members were visiting with their other halts also, and they said it was an unbelievable experience that they would, without a doubt, recommend.

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