Magical Mews of Mayfair

by Eat Sleep Travel

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Tucked away down a lane off Bond Street, one could easily miss Mews of Mayfair if they weren’t looking for it. When we arrived at the door we were greeted by an extremely charming host but unfortunately something had gone awry and there was no booking in our name. As this was a Saturday night we assumed all hope was lost but were assured that they would find a space for us. As we waited outside the door to discover our fate I took in the groups of tables sitting outside the bar where people were eating and drinking. The laneway was paved with cobblestones and made it feel like you were dining in some romantic area in central Europe not in the hustle and bustle of London Town. The narrow lane and high buildings either side protects patrons from the wind and the noise of the street and gave a cosy intimate feeling, which is hard to achieve when sitting outside a restaurant in a busy city.

Old Bond Street

Our gracious host had procured a table for us and escorted us down a dimly lit hall and flight of stairs to the lounge below. Was we walked through we could smell intoxicating aromas floating from the restaurant, which made us regret booking a table just for drinks. Although, it’s the perfect excuse to return. We entered the lounge, which was dark but the bar was lit up like beacon drawing us towards their delicious array of cocktails. Here we were passed to our new host who guided us to our table. The bar lounge has a cave-like feel to it, as it is dimly lit and the walls slope slightly towards the ceiling. A long leather couch snakes its way around the edge of the wall but the small tables are far enough apart that you are not too close to the people next to you. The couches curve at the corners of the room to allow bigger groups to sit together. As the lounge is underground there is no reception which is great as it actually forces you to chat to each other instead of tapping away on your phone for the entire evening. The DJ decks are built into a grand piano and play soft tunes, audible but not so much so that they stifle conversation and adds a nice quirky feature.

When we decided which cocktails we would like to sample our host materialised at our table as if he read our minds and took our orders. These were freshly made by the bartender as we watched from the comfort of our seats. As there is minimal seating (which is why it is necessary to book) there was never a large amount of people present and so we didn’t have to wait long for our drinks. The cocktails range between £14 and £16 so run slightly on the expensive side but they were delicious. We tried several different ones, some which came with fresh fruit skewered across the glass, another which had a slice of watermelon attached to it. All were fruity and light, strong but not overpowering. We stayed for several drinks and even as the tables filled and emptied around us we never felt any pressure to finish our drinks and make way for someone else. Although their cocktails might seem expensive, they were exquisite, our host was reliable and charming and the atmosphere and décor was sublime. If you’re looking for somewhere nice on a first date, to catch up with some friends or have a party, and with music until 1am Wednesday to Saturday, Mews of Mayfair is the perfect choice.

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