5 Of The Best Restaurants In London

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London is absolutely ram packed with restaurants, and when you find yourself wanting to spend some time in a good atmosphere and appreciate fine dining, it can be mind-breaking to find a restaurant that serves what you want.

So, what do you look for in a restaurant when you want to enjoy the tastes of the world?

Italian & Japanese cuisine

Bella Cosa

Sourced from reliable, fresh, local markets, Bella Cosa craft their food in accordance to traditional Italian values, infuse new modern aspects, with Japanese practices held close to heart. Their head Chef, Kentaro Torii, has travelled the world, sourcing his inspiration from different aspects of his journeys.

Bella Cosa also cater to a variety of moods. With a light, breezy and casual Chef’s Isle, where you can watch Chef Kentaro prepare your food right in front of you, or a fine dining floor, for an elegant and intimate atmosphere.

Vietnamese & Australian cuisine


Taking Vietnamese and Barbecue to a fine dining tier, CoBa have an interesting element to bring to their dining experience. Taking inspiration from his Mum’s cooking, Damian Bui integrates Australian style into his Vietnamese and Barbecue cuisine.

Another noteworthy point is the bar. CoBa has a passionate bartender, the home cocktail creator, Bartosz Mizerski. Created to complement the Vietnamese dishes, they have a huge variety of cocktails, and have had hit drinks such as the CoBa G, and the CoBa Roman Holiday.

Middle Eastern cuisine

Honey & Co

Cooking food that is close to their hearts, Sarit and Itamar love to bring the food from the Middle East, right to our doorstep. They bring traditional, local and family recipes right into the heart of London. When it comes to emotion behind the food, and genuine meaning, you can guarantee that this food has been prepared with love and care.

Worldly cuisine

Twist Kitchen

At Twist they can host a meal of any atmosphere. With two different dining rooms with very different moods, they can cater to any event. Their kitchen is where a whole variety of recipes, traditions and values all collide. They may have a mixture of traditions and customs within their kitchen, but they often host in a tapas style, allowing your food to be a talking point of a social, happy and light meal.

Italian cuisine


Sourcing their ingredients from top tier suppliers and London markets, Artusi looks to create

their ever changing menu with seasonal and current tastes in mind. They have freshly made pasta daily and can make amazing dishes at request in advance. Some of these select dishes include a whole suckling pig or shin of veal.

Where have you been, and where would you suggest? We love these, let us know what you think of them!

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