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Are you considering a visit to Italy on your next vacation? There are many reasons why you should take in consideration Rimini, a city of the Adriatic Coast famous for his tourism, entertainment and parties. Do you love history, culture, art, sport, good food, social life? Rimini can give you all you need as I discovered myself trough the guide of the newly designed www.riminibeach.it

Let us see some fun activities and things to see in Rimini, a nice beach town situated on the east coast of Italy.

Rimini and Emilia Romagna


If you need something to regenerate your body and mind you can visit one of the many beach resort, where you will find Spa, chill out area and others activities for your body. Rimini Terme is also a nice place where you can relax and regenerate your body giving it new energy and strength. Rimini Terme it is the only Spa in the region that combines the use of sea and thermal water. You can find also a medical staff that will give you personalized assistance, medical treatment and beauty treatments.

rimini and the Emilia Romagna


Rimini is not only a city that beach-lovers like to visit. In fact the city hides an ancient part full of history, art and culture. Ancient Romans found Rimini that is why you can appreciate many monuments of the roman era like Arco d’Augusto, Tiberio’s Bridge and the Anfiteatro Romano. During the Renaissance the Malatesta, an Italian important family, was dominating this area and they invited several artist of that time to work on their Castles. We can trace of it in the works of artists like Leon Battista Alberti, Piero della Francesca, Roberto Valturio, Matteo de’ Pasti that left to Rimini an important heritance.

rimini beach


In Italy the food is definitely something very important, almost sacred. In every Italian region you can find different special dish and even in Rimini you can try the typical food of this area. Here it is still very strong the tradition to prepare homemade “pasta”. When we hear the word pasta maybe we just think about spaghetti o Maccheroni. However, in Rimini pasta means much more. Here you can try delicious pasta filled of different ingredients like ricotta cheese, spinach, meat or other “secret ingredients”…

Rimini Beach accomodation

Theme Parks

Around Rimini there are many Theme Parks where you can a have fun, relax and spend good time with all your family. If you have children you can visit Fiabilandia a beautiful natural park with a lot of games for all the family. If you want to know Italy in just one single day visit Italia in Miniatura, where you can find miniature of all the most important Italian monuments like churches, castles, squares, public buildings and miniature of the most beautiful city. So hurry up and start to plan your vacation today, I suggest www.riminibeach.it to find the best deal of the area.

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