Visit Australia On A Budget: Accommodation Options

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Visit Australia On A Budget

Travelling helps you meet new people, get to know various new countries and even learn something new about your own homeland.

However, sometimes the costs of transportation, accommodation, and other necessities tend to be high and prevent you from exploring the world.

If you’re travelling on a budget, you’ll be happy to know that now you can save plenty of money on accommodation due to a myriad of affordable hostels, homes and other comfortable places to stay.

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Visit Australia on a budget: Hostels

While many travellers think of hostels as the accommodation suitable only for young people, the truth is quite the opposite.

People of all ages tend to stay in hostels, and they were all very pleased with the nights they’ve spent there. Hostels are known for their dormitory style where you share all the facilities with other guests. However, many hostels will provide you with small rooms, as well as singles and doubles. Therefore, whether you travel alone or as a couple, you can have a comfortable room with some privacy.

Budget travellers find hostels most affordable and convenient. This is also a great option for those who travel in groups because you can stay in one of the dorms only with the people you know. Additionally, some hostels set age limits, while others accept people of all age.

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Therefore, don’t be surprised if you encounter small children, their parents, and seniors all at the same time. Hostels are not just for young people anymore.

House sitting

When you’re travelling on a budget, you will look for every opportunity to save as much money as you can on transportation or accommodation because they’re the biggest expense.

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House sitting is one of the options that can save you a lot of money since the accommodation will be free. Therefore, when you decide to travel to the east coast of Australia, be sure to apply for house sitting in Sydney and explore this beautiful city while taking care of someone else’s home.

You could spend a couple of weeks in a cute house, taking care of the pets, plants and keeping the burglars away, while their owners are on vacation.


Couchsurfing is another free accommodation that will give you the opportunity to interact with various kinds of people, and see how they spend their time while you’re living with them.

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People from all over the world offer their homes to travellers who’re looking for an affordable accommodation and give them the opportunity to stay over while they’re travelling through the country. While some hosts may offer you just a couch to sleep on, there are also those who are kind enough to place you in a proper bedroom.

The benefit of this type of accommodation is that you’ll run into a plethora of different people, engage in a myriad of various conversations and be introduced into so many cultures and customs first hand.

Home exchange

When you’re looking for an affordable accommodation, house exchange can be a great option. 

Swapping homes with another family sounds risky at first, but don’t forget that both of you are trusting each other with your homes. Therefore, if you’re an older traveller and not so fond of hotels, or you just want to feel at home and live abroad for free, be sure to look for other families who’re interested in a home exchange.

What’s more, you may end up forming a great friendship with the other family, and continue to visit each other every year.

Final thoughts

Travelling helps you grow, broadens your horizons and gives you an opportunity to learn new things about the world.

Now, when you decide to start exploring new countries, be sure to consider some of the accommodation options mentioned above and you won’t have to break the bank for another adventure.

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