The World’s 7 Most Amazing Underwater Hotels

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The world is brimming with astonishing works and experiments of humans. Time and again, scientists and doctors have introduced various innovative things to the world and without a doubt, it has certainly made our lives better. We will still see some more ground-breaking inventions in the time to come.

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Likewise, marine life is quite interesting, irrespective of the way you choose to explore it. But, I am sure the idea of living right inside will surely thrill you. Both the advanced technology and human mind has made it possible to spend some time in underwater hotels.

So, if you find this whole concept interesting, then make sure you check out the following list of some of the best underwater hotels.

Underwater Hotels: The Poseidon Underwater Resort, Fiji

This hotel in Fiji tops the list is a technological marvel. Various reports and surveys have proved that this is the king of underwater hotels. This striking 5-star underwater hotel has been built on a remote island of Fiji and the best part is that this hotel is surrounded by a beautiful 5,000-acre lagoon. Another impressive feature of this hotel is it’s 70% acrylic glass giving you the opportunity to spend some quality time in a giant aquarium, offering you a view of multi-coloured marine life.

You will be picked up by the company’s official aircraft to fly to Fiji. The package will comprise of a 4-night stay at the beachfront room and two nights in an underwater room, you also have access to gourmet meals, wine tasting, and other water sports.

Water Discus Hotel, Dubai

Underwater Hotels

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Designed by a Polish Company DOT (Deep Ocean Technology), this is one of the most attractive underwater hotels in the world. Since it has a modular design, the company says that it can also be expanded or moved to a new location.

The main thing that makes this hotel interesting is its innovative design, it is half underwater and half above the water. The underwater portion of the hotel has a total of 21 luxurious rooms, a beautiful lobby, pools, restaurants, conference rooms, a bar, a spa, and there is a training pool for the scuba diving.

The underwater airlock can be easily accessed via the diving centre; it will straightway take you to the ocean. The hotel has a decompression chamber; this is made especially for training purposes. With all lit up, at night, this hotel looks futuristic and straight from the outer world.

The Apeiron Island Hotel, Dubai

Apeiron Hotel is located 300 m from the coast. Supporting a futuristic design, without a second thought, this hotel will surely attract you to spend few days here. This 7-star hotel is designed by Sybarite Architects and the hotel features an underwater restaurant, a spa, 28 floors, more than 400 rooms, cinemas, luxury boutiques, parking area for guest’s boats, a raised helipad, and an art gallery.

Making an extravagant entrance, the hotel is accessible both by boat or helicopter. The top two floors of the hotel have a butterfly jungle with tropical species and it is temperature-controlled. The underwater restaurant will be surrounded by the breathtaking underwater life. You can enjoy the coral life and beautiful fishes anytime as it has an underwater lagoon.

Jules’ Undersea Lodge, Florida

Underwater Hotels

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This is the only American underwater hotel situated in Key Largo, Florida. Interestingly, you have to scuba dive 21 feet beneath the sea in order to enter the hotel. The moment you reach the hotel you can’t help feeling like you have discovered a secret underwater clubhouse. Initially, it was called La Chalupa, a research laboratory and it was a technologically advanced habitat during 1970s.

As the hotel is filled with compressed air, it easily remains intact and it also prevents it from filling with water ensuring your comfortable stay. There is a wet room for scuba gear, a living space (totally air-conditioned), and moon pool entrance. Catering to your environment, there are two private bedrooms and a common room with a telephone and DVD players. The hotel has a tie-up with a local pizza company and they provide you food, you can also book a chef who will dive down and prepare dinner for you.

The Manta Resort, Pemba Island, Zanzibar

This hotel is 13ft deep in the sea and its spacious rooms offer you the best of luxury. You get to enjoy the exotic experience of viewing the lovely sea creatures from the comfort of your bedroom. There are 17 stylish rooms with soothing interiors and one pair of rooms comes with an interconnecting door, making it an ideal choice for the families and larger groups.

The top deck is surrounded by the water and it offers a great opportunity for enjoying private sunbathing and stargazing during the night. The water deck is ideal for lounging and dining with your friends or loved ones. Moreover, you are also offered the opportunities of diving and snorkeling. You will find an extensive variety of endemic bird species, monkeys, and flying fox offering you a chance to test your photography skills.

Shimao Wonderland, China

Underwater Hotels

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Designed by British-based company Atkins, you will find this award-winning hotel in a water-filled quarry in China. This five-star hotel has two submerged floors with over 300 rooms. Its long list of features comprises of a green roof, geothermal & solar energy utilisation, a spa, guest rooms, conference facilities, sports & leisure centres, underwater public areas, restaurant, and a swimming pool.

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The lowest level of the hotel has a leisure complex with a swimming pool and you also get to enjoy water-based sports. If you want to indulge in extreme sports, you can participate in bungee jumping and rock climbing. The hotel’s key architectural feature is its transparent glass waterfall and it is ideally located in the centre of the building.

Resort World, Sentosa, Singapore

Concealed on one side of the largest aquarium in the world, you get to enjoy five-star comfort and a personalised butler service while you enjoy the spectacular view of the underwater sanctuary. It’s 11 luxurious suites are designed in a way that it gives a look of two story townhouse, letting you enjoy both of land and the sea. The upper level has an open area with an outdoor patio and the lower level offers a splendid view of marine fishes and other colourful sea creatures.

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